What is a Car Recall?

A Car Recall is when a car maker finds a problem that needs to be fixed. The manufactured issues a Car Recall through the NHTSA in the USA and informs the car owners. If you are not the original owner of your car, you may miss these recall notices

CarRecall.com provides easy access to all the available NHTSA car recalls that have been issued for vehicles in the USA. You can select the Make, Model and Year for your car and view all the recalls that the NHTSA have issued for cars since 1990.

Buying a used car?

Use the safety recall information to be an informed consumer when negotiating with the seller to make sure all recall fixes have been applied.

Own a used car?

Make sure all the relevant safety recalls have been fixed on your car. Fixes for car recalls should never cost you anything, so get them done!

Latest Car Safety Recalls

Category Date Cars Recalled
Safety Equipment 15 June 2015 2005 Honda Accord / 2004 Honda Accord / 2003 Honda Accord / 2004 Honda Civic / 2003 Honda Civic / 2002 Honda Civic / 2001 Honda Civic / 2005 Honda Civic / 2007 Honda Accord / 2006 Honda Accord

Latest Consumer Complaints

Date Cars Referenced Complaint
30 June 2015 2010 Volkswagen Jetta Vw jetta sportwagen 2010. the radio was playing, i heard a small "pop" and the radio quit working, no lights, no sound. the blue tooth is played thru the radio so this no longer works either. this is a safety hazard as i can no longer use bluetooth to talk on the phone. in fact in some states i travel thru it is illegal to use the phone without bluetooth. one of the reasons i bought this car was the blue tooth option. it is not the fuse. there are hundreds of online complaints about this model and year vw radio. http://www.cargurus.com/cars/discussion-t36009 ds552583 i
30 June 2015 2001 Ford Crown Victoria The intake is plastic has an crack and leak antifreeze
30 June 2015 2007 Nissan Pathfinder We purchased our 2007 nissan pathfinder on may 21 of this year. today makes 39 days we've had it. on the 32 day we noticed it was having some roughness in the transmission when changing gears. it felt like we were running over really rough roads or rumble strips. it continued to get worse the longer we drove it. then around a week ago i put it in reverse and it continued to roll forward. i immediately drove home to inform my husband. when he checked the transmission fluid it appered to be empty. when he further checked it and clened the dipstick it was a tanish colored liquid that was showing up. i went to google and found that many others with this same or simialar vehicle was having the same problem, and that the problem was a leak in a radiator hose that runs thru the transmisson and leaks fluids back and forth. my husband went to check the radiator and sure enough there is transmission fluid in the radiator and it appeared in the engine as well. so now we have transmisson fluid, water, and antifreeze in our transmisson, radiator and engine. nissan needs to step up and take care of this problem. its clear that this is a flaw in their workmanship. we were told by nissan to bring our pathfinder in for an evaluation and be prepared to pay 2,500.00 dollars. needless to say we are paying a payment already on a vehicle we have had for one month. we cant afford this kind of repair. so now were stuck with a car we cant even drive.
30 June 2015 2012 Ford F150 1/2 Ton - Pickup After starting the truck the brake pedal was very hard like there was no power assist. it only happened periodically and i assumed my brakes were getting old. brakes were replaced and the problem still existed at times. it is now happening more often. just found out about the electric vacuum pump investigation and it sounds like exactly what is happening. have not had it checked out professionally. i looked at it and it appears there is corrosion happening inside the plastic body. dates and mileage noted approximate as i did not document it.
30 June 2015 2003 Ford Expedition There are many issues and concerns about my 2003 ford expedition. from reverse back up sensor blinkers windows, four way flashers, cd player, four wheel drive, wipers, back up lights, power mirrors, power seats, dash board gages, power locks, all will stop working suddenly at different periods of times. ford has staitef there are no recalls for this years make and model when all owners of this vehicle have complained about all of these issues. i am fiancing this vehicle for $10 thousand and demand a recall for electrical issues for this vehicle. the internet is pasted with similar issues and ford is taking people's money to try and fix all the issues and never completely fixing the issue. i need an answer to my problem and i want ford to buy back my vehicle.
30 June 2015 2001 Pontiac Aztek The driver side seat airbag deployed after the driver shut their door, while the car was in park.
30 June 2015 2000 Honda Accord Severe sub-frame rust issue on front passenger side of car frame. very similar condition as identified in a october 12, 2012, cleveland, ohio television station investigation. please see the web site listed below. http://www.newsnet5.com/news/local-news/investigations/center-for-auto-safety-requesting-recall-of-1-5-million-honda-accords-for-rust-issue-in-sub-frame
30 June 2015 2007 Nissan Frontier Truck started to vibrate like i was driving on a rumple strip around 40 mph. it seemed like the overdrive was struggling to engage or the automatic transmission couldn't find the right gear. i checked the atf and it was a red strawberry milkshake consistency that is often described when there is water contamination. this is a common problem that nissan refuses to recall. it has just over 90k.
30 June 2015 2010 Chevrolet Traverse While turning the power steering feels very heavy and difficult to turn and makes a noise
30 June 2015 2009 Ford Focus Before taking a right out of the parking lot, i turned my blinker on (with my foot on the brake) and the car accelerated forward instead of turning. i kept my foot on the brake and the car speeded up even more. i finally crashed into a fence onto private property. then i came to a full stop when i hit an suv. this crash completely damaged the front of my 2009 ford focus.