What is a Car Recall?

A Car Recall is when a car maker finds a problem that needs to be fixed. The manufactured issues a Car Recall through the NHTSA in the USA and informs the car owners. If you are not the original owner of your car, you may miss these recall notices

CarRecall.com provides easy access to all the available NHTSA car recalls that have been issued for vehicles in the USA. You can select the Make, Model and Year for your car and view all the recalls that the NHTSA have issued for cars since 1990.

Buying a used car?

Use the safety recall information to be an informed consumer when negotiating with the seller to make sure all recall fixes have been applied.

Own a used car?

Make sure all the relevant safety recalls have been fixed on your car. Fixes for car recalls should never cost you anything, so get them done!

Latest Car Safety Recalls

Category Date Cars Recalled
Other Equipment 03 September 2014 2006 Mercury Mariner / 2006 Ford Escape / 2007 Mercury Mariner / 2007 Ford Escape / 2005 Ford Escape / 2008 Ford Escape / 2008 Mercury Mariner

Latest Consumer Complaints

Date Cars Referenced Complaint
14 September 2014 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee A year and a half ago i was on my way back home from a half an hour drive from town when i decided to stop at my parents house to get a drink. i wasn't inside for less then ten minutes, when i went to leave my jeep would not start at all. after a half hour later looking everything over i did notice the fuel pump fuse was melted and blown. i was asked bye american chevrolet dealership if i had something plugged into my cigeratte lighter that could of blown it. i've been a mechanic for 11 years now and i've never known to see the fuel pump fuse ran to other components meaning interior outlets. now a half year later i have been having problems starting my jeep at times and having no power to the motor at all. i want to get rid of this jeep. now i had a recall on the nutrual safety switch and just today i get another recall for the ignition switch. i keep having axel popping sounds out of the front passenger side and i'm fed up with this jeep.
14 September 2014 2005 Buick Century 2005 buick century custom. purchased used in excellent condition from ford dealership in 2011. electric windows worked fine, then in 2012, 1 of the windows just fell down the track. a cpl months later another did the same thing and then a cpl more months a third one fell. i removed the door panels as these incidents happened and could feel a cable laying loose down in the bottom of the doorwell. i'm not sure if a "possible pulley" or the cables theirselves broke, but this is an obvious issue with this make, model & year from what i read on carparts.com. i now have pieces of 1"x2"'s wedged in to hold them up because of lack of funds. if this is actually a common issue, as i read, then this should be considered to make it as a recall. thank you **note - i only drive this car between 50-65 mi. a week on paved roads and no rough driving and the car has never been in any accidents ever. a very well taken care of vehicle.
13 September 2014 2012 Ford F150 1/2 Ton - Pickup While traveling on the interstate, my vehicle starting shuttering as i changed lanes to pass another vehicle. as i accelerated, the engine lost power, and the engine light started flashing. my vehicle continues to shutter under hard acceleration.
13 September 2014 2006 Chrysler Pacifica Took vehicle to mechanic for oil change and was told the subframe and motor mounts were badly rusted and that i should contact the manufacturer immediately.
13 September 2014 2008 Honda CR-V The rear passenger door will not stay locked. it slowly unlocks and this poses a safety concern for children in the back as well as the fact that my vehicle cannot ever be locked.
13 September 2014 2011 Dodge Challenger Over the past year, i have had major power/battery issues with my car not starting after sitting over night. the first time, i was told by the dealership that it was my 2 year old alternator which cost me nearly $700 to replace. less than 4 months later, mysteriously my battery also had to be replaced, which was another $300 plus. a few weeks ago, while i was driving, my window starting going up and down intermittently. i mentioned this to my son, who had the car with him during the time of all the issues, he stated that he told the dealership about it, and they said it was the "smart window" and offered to repair it for some crazy amount of money. but never did they allude to the fact that the smart window was the cause to my alternator and battery failure. my new battery will no longer hold a charge, and i am having to either disconnect it every night, or jump start it every morning. when i called chrysler about this issue, after learning that there are many chrysler vehicles that have been recalled for this issue, i was told that mine is not on the list, but that i could take it to a dealership spend more money on diagnostics and they could repair it for me! i am a single mom who got stuck with this car in a divorce. i should not have to deal with all of these expensive issues with such a young car.this is poor business by chrysler, and i will surely not buy from them again!
13 September 2014 2009 Honda Accord Engine makes whispering noise. pulled over to find no oil on dipstick. oil light never lit. filled with 2.5 quarts oil and went to dealer. told there was a recall related to timing at start-up causing excessive oil consumption, but told that a quart of oil every thousand miles is normal. dealer performed recall service and monitored oil several times at thousand mile intervals. oil consumption about a quart each time and told it is normal. vehicle went out of warranty and monitoring stopped. vehicle now around 50k miles and oil consumption now much greater than 1 quart per thousand miles. i must constantly monitor and add oil. honda recently had a class action settlement for 6-cylinder vehicles for excessive consumption. however, based on online research there appears to be many owners of 4-cylinder engines that also have similar problems. clearly honda knew/knows there is a problem but has failed to address it. in addition to the extra cost of oil, i'm sure there will be problems in the future. the vehicle oil pump makes noise at startup and there will likely be repair costs in the future. honda should fix the cause of the oil consumption.
13 September 2014 2007 Chrysler Sebring Gas gage stopped working. according to dealer mechanic, fuel gage sending unit is not working....fuel pump does work. dashboard lights no longer work also. check engine light stays on and cannot be cleared or problem diagnosed.
13 September 2014 2010 Toyota Camry I live in s. florida, and over the past year, i've noticed that my dashboard is melting faster and faster everyday. it also is very shiny in the worst areas and is very sticky. if i touch it, the black gummy/gooey surface comes off on my finger. previously, i have not used any products to clean it other than a damp cloth (with water only). of course, now i can't clean it. i don't know what to do, as i can't afford to replace it. i believe the manufacturer is responsible for replacing it as they sold a defective product. i've lived here for more than 25 years and have never experienced this with any other car i've owned, some of which were many years older that my current 4-year-old toyota camry. in addition, when driving at more than 60 mph on the highway, the steering wheel shakes when i apply the brakes even slightly, and the car vibrates. i've had it checked twice by a toyota dealership and they claim everything is fine and it's just the anti lock brake system functioning. however, this continues to happen. it feels unsafe to me, and i don't buy their explanation. after googling the problem, there seems to be others with this problem on the same car. it has been suggested that the rotor is too small for the increased camry size and thus becomes warped. this also should be examined and replaced free of cost by the manufacturer if this is the cause. in any case, toyota should be forced to look into these problems and solve them with no cost to the owners. many of us no longer have warranties.
13 September 2014 2007 Nissan Armada The emergency brake light randomly comes on while driving and it causes the vehicle not to adequately stop properly. once vehicle is powered fully off and restarted the vehicle functions normal. nissan stated they can't find the issue with vehicle and don't know why and what causes this to happen. this is a very serious danger.