What is a Car Recall?

A Car Recall is when a car maker finds a problem that needs to be fixed. The manufactured issues a Car Recall through the NHTSA in the USA and informs the car owners. If you are not the original owner of your car, you may miss these recall notices

CarRecall.com provides easy access to all the available NHTSA car recalls that have been issued for vehicles in the USA. You can select the Make, Model and Year for your car and view all the recalls that the NHTSA have issued for cars since 1990.

Buying a used car?

Use the safety recall information to be an informed consumer when negotiating with the seller to make sure all recall fixes have been applied.

Own a used car?

Make sure all the relevant safety recalls have been fixed on your car. Fixes for car recalls should never cost you anything, so get them done!

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Latest Consumer Complaints

Date Cars Referenced Complaint
27 January 2015 2001 Toyota Rav4 While in cruise control on an incline my rav4 accelerates out of control so i have to apply the brake to get it out of cruise control. i had this on 2 rav4s, both 2001, one was 4wd and the other 2wd. toyota tried to repeat the problem in the first vehicle by sending it home with a tech who drove to modesto. they could not repeat it...on my current car it does the same and toyotas best answer was not to use cruise control after he asked why i was using it anyways. i was worried about the ecus in these cars and before buying it, sent the private dealer to toyota to remedy this. now i find out they only flashed the ecu under the recall which they new didnt fix anything. now 2 years later i face the harsh shifting condition....all on me. im lucky not to hsve been hurt by either of these issues not addressed properly by toyota, and thank god my 9 year old wasnt with me when the car stopped shifting properly.
27 January 2015 2008 Mazda CX-7 On sunday, january 4, 2015, i was driving my 2008 mazda cx-7 and i stopped at a stoplight. when i tried to take off when the light turned green, my car hesitated and when i pressed on the gas peddle a little more, it still hesitated then finally took off. all of a sudden, i heard an extremely loud popping noise, and then thick, heavy white smoke started to come out of the tailpipe. the white smoke then started flowing out from under the hood, and it started to come into the car through the air vents. when i tried to pull over and put the car in park, it wouldn't shift into gear, so i pushed the parking break, and it finally stopped. i got out of the car and when i went to grab my purse, i saw fire coming through the bottom air vents ( the ones that blow air on your feet) so i grabbed my purse as quickly as i could, and ran away from the car. then, i saw part of the engine fall out of the bottom of the car, on fire, and burn into the street. about 5 seconds later, the whole entire car burst into flames. all of the doors were closed, but the intensity of the fire blew both of the passenger side doors open, and blew out all of the windows (including the sunroof, which was closed at the time). when the firefighters finally put the fire out, the car was still smoldering and everything inside was melted. the steering wheel, the seats, the door handles, the mirrors, everything. the fire was so strong that it blew the hood back onto the windshield. all that is left of the car, is just the metal frame, and the engine. the car has a 4 cylinder engine with a turbo feature on it. i believe that that is what caused the fire and made the loud popping sound initially.
27 January 2015 2008 Chevrolet TrailBlazer The vehicle lost control on black ice, the steering wheel and brakes locked up and the trailblazer hit a tree.the airbag never deployed. the vehicle's frame was bent. the suv was considered a total loss. the vehicle picked up a little more speed while on the ice, but no more than 30 mph.
27 January 2015 2011 Chevrolet Volt My first problems i experience with the 2011 chevy volt was around october, 2014. when driving on the highway at highway speed, i received a "propulsion power reduced" indication on my dashboard and i was not able to keep up with highway traffic which resulted in a hazard for myself and other drivers. i was afraid i would be rear ended or cause an accident due to my low relative speed. this has happened several times while driving my vehicle, at times, not able to go faster than 45-55 mph on highways with 65-75 mph speed limit. i live in san diego ca where there is a lot of traffic especially on the highway. i have also review the lift gate struct "customer satisfaction" dilemma. i have had my hatch close on my head but it did not cause serious injury. it was more of an annoyance than anything else. it continues to be weak, and sometimes not keep the hatchback up at all. i have noticed it is worse at lower temperatures (40-50 degrees f). last but not least, i received a notice from gm stating "this letter is intended to make you aware that some 2011 model year chevrolet volt vehicles may have increased friction in the steering system. this could cause the steering wheel to stick in the strait-ahead position after driving long distances on a straight highway. the steering wheel can be turned but it may require increased effort." contacted gm about this notice i received and the gm represented me said there was no safety issue regarding this letter. i disagreed (how is a steering wheel lock up on the highway not a safety issue?) and requested to get out of my vehicle and into a different one that does not have the possibility of my and my family being killed by a vehicle defect. after several emails back and fourth and going to a chevy dealership they told me to go to, the issue has not been resolved.
27 January 2015 2001 Toyota Tundra Both low beam headlights went out simultaneously. safety driving lights also did not work. high beam headlights did work. troubleshooting revealed that both sylvania silverstar 9033/hb2 h4 light bulbs burned out simultaneously. the headlight bulbs are dangerous and should be recalled asap. having both headlights burn out at the same time in inexcusable! it nearly caused me to crash at high speed. had to drive home using my high beams and fog lights.
27 January 2015 2001 Dodge Dakota My dodge dakota with the 4.7 engine races all the time. when i first start it, it races and it also does it when shifting gears. when i go from one gear to another i have to put it in neutral until it stops racing and then put it in either reverse or forward. it also does this when i come to a stop sign or red light it races and i have to push harder on the break pedal to keep it from going forward until it comes down to normal speed. i don't know how many times i came close to hitting the person setting in front of me from the engine racing.
26 January 2015 2006 Dodge Charger I was driving home one day . i was going 55 and then all of a sudden i hear a pop inside the engine while i'm driving. after that day, the engine started making a ticking/knocking noise. it started getting worse and worse. i don't drive my car anymore because when i drive it, the engine heats up really fast and the car shakes along with the ticking/knocking noise. i did some research on the ticking/knocking noise on a 2006 dodge charger 3.5l v6 engine and a lot of results came up with many people having the same problem on their 2006 dodge charger 3.5l v6 engine. i would really appreciate it if you started an investigation on this situation considering that it has happened to hundreds of people in different places. please really look into it, thank you.
26 January 2015 2010 Honda Fit My daughter had an accident, this is her account: i was driving my 2010 honda fit on highway 880 northbound in the vicinity of alameda on friday, january 16th 2015. i had been driving for at least a half hour on the highway and was in the left most lane going about 70 mph. suddenly without any warning my car began to swerve violently to the right into the lane to my right. my first thought was that one of the tires had blown out, so i took my foot off the gas and did not touch the brakes, thinking just that i should try to keep the car away from other vehicles and as gently as i could bring it to the side of the road away from traffic. immediately after the first swerve, the car did not react in the slightest to my steering attempts to keep it straight or away from traffic, and it swerved left and right a couple more times before hitting the concrete median on the left hand side of the highway. the front of the car crunched into the median, and the whole car flipped on its passenger side and scraped against the median before finally coming to a halt upside down. once the car stopped i saw that miraculously nothing inside of the car was impeding my exit, and the glass on both the windows had completely shattered, so i undid my seatbelt and crawled out of the passenger side window and immediately stood up. thankfully no other cars or passengers were involved, 911 was called, and the policeman who came said the incident sounded like it was due to tire damage from my description but then examined the wheels of the car and reported that he didn’t see anything awry with them, leaving the cause of the accident a mystery. i heard no sounds preceding the swerving, smelled no strange smells, noticed nothing strange about the car’s steering, and have had no indication whatsoever of anything being “off” with the car before the incident.
26 January 2015 2005 Chrysler 300C After refueling my 2005 chrysler 300c, it will stall at low speeds. i have read the report pe13-016, which covers the 2006 chrysler model.
26 January 2015 2008 Ford Fusion In the summer of 2013 i noticed that the passenger dash was coming undone (separating from the dash and sticking up) in front of the airbag of my 2008 ford fusion. the dash is now curled up so much that i fear that it may interfere with the deployment of the passenger airbag. at the time of this complaint, there are no known statements regarding the foam vinyl separating from the dash. i would like to know if any research has been conducted to ensure that this does not affect the deployment of the passenger airbag.