What is a Car Recall?

A Car Recall is when a car maker finds a problem that needs to be fixed. The manufactured issues a Car Recall through the NHTSA in the USA and informs the car owners. If you are not the original owner of your car, you may miss these recall notices

CarRecall.com provides easy access to all the available NHTSA car recalls that have been issued for vehicles in the USA. You can select the Make, Model and Year for your car and view all the recalls that the NHTSA have issued for cars since 1990.

Buying a used car?

Use the safety recall information to be an informed consumer when negotiating with the seller to make sure all recall fixes have been applied.

Own a used car?

Make sure all the relevant safety recalls have been fixed on your car. Fixes for car recalls should never cost you anything, so get them done!

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Latest Consumer Complaints

Date Cars Referenced Complaint
26 March 2015 2008 Chevrolet Corvette I began to notice a strong gasoline smell next to my rear driver's side of my 2008 chevy corvette coupe. i just did a search online and found numerous others with the same complaint for the same model. seems the fuel tank leaks after cracks develop.
26 March 2015 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac I was driving in town and it stalled out. it kept happening at least three times a week even when i was on the freeway. i had far too many close calls from wrecking or causing an accident. i went and had it looked at by a mechanic and he replaced the spring in the fuel reset switch. it is currently in the shop once more for the same problem. my check engine light is also on again. has been for the last year. it claims there is something wrong with the fuel cap or the fuel lines. ive had a pressure test done and my gas cap changed and it still hasnt fixed the problem. also my driver side door handle is starting to get stuck and my fuel gauge is no longer registering the actual amount of gas i have. i have so many problems with this truck and i just want them to be fixed. this stuff is dangerous and can cause legitimate accidents and safety issues
26 March 2015 1999 Lincoln Navigator During regular, casual vehicle operation, one of the spark plugs flew out of its seat. causing the vehicle to smoke from the engine compartment and lose compression. i thought the engine had caught fire and there was no warning to this happening. spark plugs were installed per manufacturers specifications when this incident occurred.
26 March 2015 2005 Nissan Pathfinder Nissan needs to formally recall several vehicles with radiator/ transmission problems. in my case while i was driving my vehicle suddenly came to a stop while i was on the road driving at a speed of 55 mph. my vehicle shut down and i tried to turn on luckily it turned on and began to run again. i pressed on the accelerator it did not run more than 20 mph. i decided to tow my vehicle to a local mechanic to have it diagnosed since i was terrified of it shutting down once again in the middle of the road. my mechanic diagnosed my vehicle and concluded that fluid from the radiator had leaked into the transmission. nonetheless, he expressed to me that this was nothing new he had seen with these vehicles. he told me that he had fixed a couple in just this last year. according to his past clients nissan failed to do anything to correct the problem regardless of the potential hazard. i visited the dealer in which i have purchased the vehicle and explain the service man my concern. he clearly told me that my warranty was over and that the lawsuit against nissan to be reimbursed had ended in 2013. i told him that my vehicle frequently comes to their service center for maintenance and if they were aware of the failure in theses vehicles once they reach their 100,000 miles why did they fail to correct the problem before it occurred. it surprises me that nissan failed to inform any of its consumers of the problem when it was going through a lawsuit. he then proceeded to tell me that he could not help me and referred me to corporate office. i was told i would be called within two days. i received the call back from nissan simply telling me my case was reviewed and they could not do anything due to the fact that my warranty is over. nissan is putting the lives of their consumers in danger and is hiding behind their warranty guidelines to avoid correcting their engineering errors.
26 March 2015 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt On 12/7/14, my power steering went out while i was backing up. when i turned the car off and back on a few minutes later, the power steering came back. i took the car to the dealership on 12/12/14 and was told the steering column was faulty and paid about $830 for it to be replaced. on 2/25/15, the power steering went out again. i took it back to the same dealership and was told that the steering column that was put in two months before was also faulty. it was replaced free of charge since the original repair was still under warranty. eleven days later, on 3/8/15, the power steering went out again. this time when i took it back to the dealership, i was told the batter cables were lose and that the battery failed the load test, and that this is what was causing the power steering to go out this time, but they still insisted that it was the steering columns the first two times. i was told if i paid for the battery, the labor would be free. i had the battery replaced elsewhere and have filed a complaint with gm's corporate customer service center and the bbb. i will also file a complaint with the az attorney general's office since the issue has not been rectified.
26 March 2015 2009 Nissan Altima Steering lock escl, malfunctioned and car wouldn't start. i was at my job leaving to pick up my 2 children from school, and could not get my car to start. i had to wait for my sister to get out of work to pick me up and then go get my kids who were waiting at schooyl long after hours to be picked up. nissan acknowledges that the error was theirs during manufacturing but did not notify altima owners and now i missed the "extended warranty" by 3 months when this should have been recalled in the first place and the cost to repair is over $1,000. thankfully my father in law was able to tow my car, but this has happened to 100s of nissan altima owners in the 2009 models. he was able to do a temporary fix, but it has not been replaced due to the expense that i cannot spare right now. but just because it doesnt happen while driving doesnt mean that it is not a safety issue. not being able to start your car in for example, winter, at night, on a vacation or far from home, with my 2 young elementary school daughters in the car with me is a safety issue!!!!!!!!! if a recall never happens, then this will be the last nissan i ever own, and i will be spreading the word on facebook as well!!!!!!
26 March 2015 2005 Ford Escape My 2005 ford escape's passenger side rear wheel well completely rusted out and the shock broke through to the inside of the vehicle as it was being driven! this is completely dangerous - we could have been severely injured. i searched this issue on-line, and it is extremely prevalent on these vehicles. ford needs a recall on this - it is a known issue. when i took my vehicle to a ford dealer, i was told this is a known issue and dangerous and ford refuses to do anything about it. i went to a welding shop in my area, and the problem is so common, that they even have a poster with pictures of the problem and how they fix it. this is so dangerous. ford appears not to care about this issue. please review it. thank you.
25 March 2015 2011 Subaru Legacy For the past 2 months my subaru legacy has been stalling and losing power when i roll to a stop and/or when suddenly braking. almost got rear ended by semi truck on the freeway and multiple times at stop lights in foggy situations. subaru dealership said if it was an annoyance i should bring it in. almost dying in a subaru with my daughters is more than an annoyance. dealership has known about it but performed a throttle body service, which was futile. online forums suggest a faulty torque coverter and a service#16-90-30. qutoes for replacing it are around $2000. subaru knows it is due to faulty design of torque converter...this should be recalled. i used to luve subarus and this car, i am now forced to take a loss financially and buy a safer car. completely unsafe.
25 March 2015 2004 Ford Explorer The liftgate glass hinge on my 2004 ford explorer broke as i was closing the rear window glass. without warning it just came undone with the screw popping loose. cheaply made material of the liftgate glass hinge was clearly the cause, along with a faulty design that allows the bolt to strip out of the hinge.
25 March 2015 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 1/2 Ton - Pickup Doge has a recall number p77. dodge dealer, glenn e thomas dodge, of long beach ca refused to diagnose a vibration which seemed to be coming from the drive shaft, until after the recal was performed. there is no information on when this recall will be resolved. i now have aloud scraping noise coming from the rear differential and i believe the car is unsafe. calls to the fcs recall center have availed zero information. there needs to be a time limit on these safety recalls. this vehicle also has another recall that dodge cannot fix p81